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Lyemun Billet 1952.

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Lyemun Billet 1952.

Several blocks were used by the R.A.F.  This one was not divided up into small rooms and I am not sure which one this was.  The one opposite the Mess, bearing a date of 1938 was divided into small rooms with doors along the front balcony.  However, this room has a fireplace at one end and I see that the next photograph of Block 2 has several chimneys along its roof, suggesting that on each floor there were three large rooms, so this photograph was probably taken inside Block 2.  It probably pre-dates the 1938 block opposite the Mess and might have been both out-dated and in poor condition resulting in its demolition some years later. (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, June 1, 1952