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Tai Tam Tuk entrance off Tai Tam road

Tai Tam Tuk entrance off Tai Tam road

Any ideas where this might be?  I suspect the New Territories but it might be on Lantau.(Andrew S)

Thanks everyone for identifying this place. Earlier on his walk Malcolm took a photograh, later in his gallery, showing the same location from a bend further to the East of the dam:

Tai Tam Tuk reservoir from bend in Tai Tam road.
Tai Tam Tuk reservoir from bend in Tai Tam road., by Malcolm Trousdale
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1952


perhaps around one of the reservoirs - or maybe one of the small hill hugging roads like Bowen Road?

Hi Phil,

I did wonder about one of the contouring roads high on the Island. It could be almost anywhere, but I doubt whether it is the one near Aberdeen reservoir or either of the Tai Tam ones.

regards Andrew

Perhaps the entrance to the Tai Tam Reservoirs on Tai Tam Road as seen here

Hi Moddsey,

Well spotted, I think that you have found the location, Tai Tam Tuk reservoir road turn off at the Tai Tam road.  In 1958, two friends and I walked along the Tai Tam Road and over the dam and, after a while, we then turned right up the narrow road on the West side of the Tai Tam Tuk reservoir.  Your Google image looks very similar, albeit with much more vegetation, especially when I back-tracked on Google Street View about 100 yards towards the dam and then turned the camera back. At one point there is a perfect view through the trees of the same bridge just a few yards up the side road and a dried waterfall(?) dropping down to where the reservoir is, pretty well showing the same scene as on Malcolm’s photograph.  My only concern is that on his photograph the road at the extreme left looks too narrow and perhaps too rough to be the main road leading to Stanley.  Perhaps it was widened and resurfaced by the time I walked along it in 1958.  Does anyone else agree that this is the location? Best wishes Andrew


I think moddsey has nailed it. Nice find.