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Silvermine Bay

Silvermine Bay

I think that this is another photograph taken at the busy Lai Chi Kok beach, possibly the Western end.  (Andrew S)

Please see comments below. Silvermine Bay it is.  Andrew

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1952


Hi Andrew, another nice photo.  Given the folks standing and walking away, this could be shortly after the boat overturned, fortunately it happened near shore.

At the southwest entrance (or exit) of Lai Chi Kok beach, the water is fairly deep so it was impossible for people to wade there.  A different landscape across the water and a bamboo railing,  this photo most likely taken from shore so my candidate is Castle Peak Bay looking west.

Regards,  Peter 

Thanks Peter. You are probably right.  I didn’t know the area at all, so has anyone else got any ideas? Regards Andrew

I can't find a match for the ridge anywhere in Castle Peak. Were there any other nearby places that allowed boat rental?

The building in the distance looks similar to this one:

Silvermine Bay Holiday Camp
Silvermine Bay Holiday Camp, by The National Archives UK

Hi David,

Is this the Silvermine Bay on Lantau? If so, I doubt whether Malcolm’s photograph was taken there as not many of us went to Lantau and those who did would have almost certainly visited and photographed the monastery - it being the main reason for going to the island, and there are no such images in Malcolm’s collection.


Actually, David has hit the nail on the head. This is Silvermine Bay looking from the south side of the bay towards Tung Wan Tau (and holiday camp) on the northern side.

That’s a surprise but you have convinced me. Next question - was the waterfall photograph, and maybe others also on Lantau? Regards Andrew 

Thank you all for identifying the site of the photo. There is a Google view from "Tung Wan Tau Public Toilet" (from the outside of course) showing most likely the same rock jetty.  Regards,  Peter