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Lai Chi Kok bus.

Lai Chi Kok bus.

On my fiIe copy, I have just noticed that the destination board on the bus at the left shows Lai Chi Kok.  Had the bus just arrived and this is a bus station at Lai Chi Kok or, more likely, was it a bus station somewhere in Kowloon?  (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1952


Hi Andrew, you have sharp vision, I can barely read the destination board on my computer screen.   #12 and another (#4?) route here go to Lai Chi Kok Beach.  This could be the cause of the mix up in labelling this photo.  The ridgeline (I won't claim expertise this time) looks like on the Hong Kong side.  Those buidings would be the back sides of the houses on Wai Ching Road off Jordan Road.  One of them could be my first school Wah Nam Primary School. Those facing the water were built at a later time.  So, I am fairly sure this is very early 1950s.   Regards,   Peter

Hi Peter,

I thought that this batch of photographs would rekindle memories for you. Can you remember where this bus station was? If so, we can add an appropriate pin to it and the map, if one doesn’t already exist. It is quite amazing and also rather sad that a beach that gave so much pleasure to so many people is, I believe, now buried underneath the container terminal’s concrete.

Best wishes, Andrew

Hi Andrew.  There are already two separate pins - 

Jordan Road ferry pier -  

Jordan Road Bus Terminus -  (you can tie your photo to this pin)  

You can verify its coordinates by viewing David's 1956 Kowloon Map in the overlay.

Regards,  Peter

Nice to see Lion Rock in the distance. 

Thanks moddsey.  I should have known when I talked about the buildings on Wai Ching Street.  That's one diplomatic way to wake me up.  Thanks!  Regards,  Peter

Views of Jordan Road Bus Terminus looking north are rather rare to see. The long building and the old building in front can be viewed on the right below.

Hong Kong Harbour, Jordan Road Ferry
Hong Kong Harbour, Jordan Road Ferry, by pauline



Thank you moddsey. My family left Guangzhou hurriedly by ship in 1949 when I was four.  We landed on HK Island. Several days later, we took the Jordan ferry to Kowloon. I was sitting on one of our luggage on the back of a small truck as our ferry entered the pier here. That scene is unforgettable, so after 70 years, it is timely to be able to see it again.  Regards, Peter

I guess the view north is so rare because the Ferry Point Estate started construction circa 1962 and the view has been lost ever since. 

Hi all.  Keep up the good work in identifying places. Andrew