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Commer Crew bus a.

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Commer Crew bus a.

I believe that this is the only surviving example of a Commer half deck bus, although I think that a more modern version was later produced where the engine was not inside a bonnet.  Its career, as you will see in the next two images, was originally with the R.A.F., but it is basically the same model as used by B.O.A.C.  It is now housed in the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington near York in England.  (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, March 23, 2013


The bus

Hi Moddsey,

I should have checked out the Elvington Museum’s website! Their photo is much better than mine which was taken after the bus had been moved indoors.  The Panton brothers, whom I see now own the bus, set up a wonderful Museum on the old bomber station at their farm at East Kirkby in North Lincolnshire.  I have visited both museums on several occasions and they are very interesting. One of the Panton brothers died recently but the family continues to run the museum that includes many of the old buildings and artefacts including a wonderful old Lancaster bomber, Just Jane that started the museum off when they bought it in memory of their brother who was killed while flying as a flight engineer on a bombing raid during the war. Now, the plane does taxi runs and one day they hope to return it to air worthy condition. Their’s is a real labour of love. Regards Andrew