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Queen's Road Central.

Queen's Road Central.

Perhaps somebody can identify the exact location on Queen's Road Central?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1958


Could be the junction of QRC and Pottinger Street. On the left there is a sign "Singer". The 1957 map of Hong Kong refers to SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO., St. George’s Building and 59A Queen’s Road, C. 

Left would be Pottinger Streeet (not visible), right the steps of Pottinger Street. On the very right side there is a box, this one also appears on many other Pottinger Steps photos. 

Yes, it is Pottinger Street. Looking east, the China Building can be seen further up the road. The utility box on the right can be seen below.

1950s Pottinger Street
1950s Pottinger Street, by moddsey

Thank you Klaus and Moddsey.  I have included the pin for the junction of Queen's Road Central and Pottinger Street,  Regards Andrew