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1955 Luard Rd.jpg

1955 Luard Rd.jpg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1955


Couldn't this be O'Brien instead of Luard Road? Liberty Bar would indicate that.

Hi Klaus,

It's Luard as the pawnshop at the intersection of Luard and Johnston can be seen far back of the road.

When I created the place location of the Liberty Bar, it was based on the address 146-148 Lockhart Road and subsequently confirmed by this rough street map here It seems the Bar may have moved around the district,

Moddsey, as you suspected, Liberty Bar moved around in the district. There's a bar card with the address 84 Hennessy Road (from 1962?). That's at the junction with Luard Road and would fit. You might create a new place. 

Found a similar photo on Flickr.

1970 Wanchai Luard Road
1970 Wanchai Luard Road, by eternal1966e

Top Gear Discotheque at 84 Hennessy Road can be seen, possibly a follow up for Liberty Bar at the same address.

Ok Thanks, will create a new place later to correct the mismatch. 

Are those Bowen Road houses on the hillside?

Would Admin change the captioned Bar to the 1st generation location. Thanks

Think these are Kennedy Road houses, possibly nos. 96 and 98. Unfortunately, no photos are attached to these places.