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Shamshuipo district ?1957

Shamshuipo district ?1957

I originally uploaded this photo about a year ago,it’s the only one that has not been identified by the forum,have tried to make it clearer, beleave it was taken while l was in the army camp in Shamshuipo. The car(ford 8.?) has a registration number of HK 453.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, April 1, 1957


Hi Bryan.  I lived in the eastern part of Sham Shui Po but cannot recognize these shops.  This could be within an 8-block area between Yen Chow Street and Hing Wah Street.  West of that was industrial area.  I don't think this is Castle Peak Road given people were walking leisurely, absence of traffic, and presence of a Tai Pai Dong.  It could be one of these side streets -  Hing Wah, Wing Lung, and Tonkin.  Regards,  Peter   

There seems to be a large open space on the left hand side. I wonder if anyone can recall such an open space in SSP/CSW area.   

Hi Phil,

It could be Po On Road.  But unable to prove it at the moment.  There are promiment shop signs in the photo above.  May some residents of the period could recognize some?


Greetings.  Phil and tngan - impressive investigation!

David's 1952 map shows that Castle Peak Road was the only east-west road and not much development to the north.  By the time of the 1956 map Po On Road has been built as was housing on the south side, and development to the north was already underway.  It was essentially the  northern edge of town when Bryan explored the area.

Hence, the open space on the left side of this photo suggests the camera was looking southeast, and they were building on the north side of Po On Road.  The style and age of the buildings in this photo are similar to the ones on the south side of Po On Road by Hing Wah Street.  Regards,  Peter

Hi Peter,Phil, and Tngan.

Thanks for interest and observations regarding the location of this photo I note all the streets/roads named were close to REME command workshops in Sham Shui Po. While there one of my “duties” was to escort 2 men of the local Chinese workforce in the workshops to stores in this area collecting replacement parts to be used in the refrigeration department, and I do remember a Tonkin street.

    Peter, the words -Tai Pai Dong - had me checking google, and now know their meaning,I remember there were lots of them in 1957/8, suppose a thing of the past nowadays with today’s health and safety regulations and licensing laws. Memories memories, thank you.  Bryan.