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Mt Davis Gun emplacement a.

Mt Davis Gun emplacement a.

This gun emplacement was just below the road on the way up to Mt Davis.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, December 1, 2002


Above the ramp from the youth hostel. Mount Davis Upper Battery

Thank you Moddsey.  I have checked on the video that I filmed during my visit to Mt Davis in November 2002, and you are correct. Seeing the very 'jumpy' footage that I filmed while wading through the vegetation and debris up there, it strikes me that  a through exploration of the very extensive Mt Davis ruins by some of Gwulo's younger and more agile readers would probably be of interest to everyone.  Some of the less ruined buildings were in use into the 1950s and 60s by I believe a RADAR unit of the R.A.F.  Their living quarters were on the site below the steep ramp that is now occupied by the Youth Hostel.

Hi there,

I've been to Mt. Davis Battery several times. There're lots of ruined military buildings (bunkers?) over the peak. Many of them have a very narrow passage at the rear of their rooms. You can get in there from entrance on left or right-hand sides of the building but it's isolated from the rooms. Does anyone know what is this passage for? For my wild guess, it seems to be a bullet or splinter proof area. May I know if I'm correct?


Hi Old Jim,  It is generally accepted that these narrow passages were to prevent or at least reduce the effects of blast on the bunkers and their personnel.    There are also one or two much wider covered passages on Mt Davis.  As far as I can remember from my visit in 2002, they provided undercover approaches, but not immediatley to, to one or more bunkers.  Regards Andrew

Mt Davis d tunnel to old workshops.
Mt Davis d tunnel to old workshops., by Andrew Suddaby 2002

Hi Andrew,

Thanks so much for your reply!  :)