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Thomas Edgar, Thomas Waller and two others.jpeg

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Thomas Edgar, Thomas Waller and two others.jpeg

Standing on the left is Thomas Waller and next to him is Thomas Edgar. Can anyone identify the man standing on the right or the man sitting? Or his uniform?



Did the men you know travel on any sea journeys together? Just wondering if this is them having a photo taken with the captain of the ship. Here's a bigger view of the cap badge, in case anyone can recognise it:

badge.jpg, by Admin

That's a good idea, David. I don't know of any voyages my father made pre-war (which I think this photo is) but his passport from this period did not survive and it's likely he travelled around as much as he could.

The uniform and cap seem similar to some P. and O. images I've found online:


It's a bit surprising there are no marks of rank visible on the uniform in my father's photo, but this still seems the most likely explanation.

I'm reasonably sure that's the No.1 Dress uniform of a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy.

Paul: Many thanks for your careful research. I'll be on the lookout for any possible RN contacts in my father's pre-war years in Hong Kong. Brian