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Inaugural ceremony of the U. L. Wardens' Society

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Inaugural ceremony of the U. L. Wardens' Society

Courtesy of Mary Tiffen, Ph.D. daughter of AHS Steele-Perkins.

Wing Comdr. Steele-Perkins, O.B.E., addressing the gathering at The Inaugural Ceremony of The U. L. "A" Wardens' Society on 27.12.40.

Names on back of photo:

Back, by Philip
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, December 27, 1940


Mr Rafeek (immediate to left of Wing Commander Steele-Perkins i.e. 5th from right) - It's either Abdul Emerun Mohamed (or Mahomed) Rafeek (1899-1976) or his brother Solomon Rafeek - I think he is the former but if anyone can confirm that would be great.

Mr A.E.M. Rafeek was born in Hong Kong 1899. His parents were Mohamed Rafeek (1872-10th July 1944) and Hazara (1878-5th July 1938). His father started off as an Indian and Malay interpreter at the Harbour's Master's Office (appointed 1st December 1897) and then worked as a Clerk for the Osaka Shosen Kaisha shipping company at Queen's Building, Central from 1911 and worked his way up via Chief Clerk to the Assiatant post by 1925. Mr A.E.M. Rafeek in the 1940 and 1941 Jurors List was listed as Director Tratman and Co. (his brother Solomon was Assistant) and based at 118 Caine Road. He was maried to Kadizar (or Kadigar) and had a daughter and son, Mariam and Dwarique. He was a commander in the Hong Kong Defence Forces and later Counsel General of Shamian in China but was repatriated to Hong Kong after formation of the People's Republic of China. He was awarded the British Empire Medal in the Birthday Honours List of 1974 as a Sports Convenor, Civil Aids Services (Supplement to the London Gazette, page 6820 15th June 1974). He died on 1st November 1976 when residing in 12 Kennedy Terrace in the Mid-Levels and is buried in the Muslim Cemetery in Happy Valley.

His brother Solomon Rafeek was educated at St Paul's College and was Manager of the President Cafe at the time of his marriage on 10th December 1933 to Annie Lau, the well known Hong Kong swimmer. He was Assistant of Tratman and Co in 1940 and 1941, working with his brother. Post war he was Sales Manager for P.J. Lobo and Co. (1956). He was the Officer in charge of the Demonstration Team of the Civil Aid Service and he receievd the British Empire Medal for his civil service in 1956. He was elected to the Urban Council from 1964 (there is a whole wiki entry for him). 

Photo of Solomon Rafeek (not sure of copyright status hence the link):


Can anyone identify the rest of the gentlemen on stage with Wing-Cmdr Steele-Perkins?

The names I can read are:

  1. Bevan: Michael Lee Bevan
  2. ??? - maybe "Manning"?
  3. ??? - maybe "Pendal" ?
  4. Rafeek
  5. 'Geo' Pentreath: George Artis Pentreath
  6. Tse Ka Po
  7. Sequeira

Philip's article about Mr Steele-Perkins identifies a couple of the names as people who were colleages of Steele-Perkins in the ARP, Mr Bevan and Mr Pentreath.

The meeting was reported in the next day's newspapers, eg on p.5 of Hong Kong Daily Press, 1940-12-28, which says it was "the inaugural ceremony of the Wardens Union, District "A", Upper Levels Division", and that it was held at the Chinese YMCA.

Speakers included Steele-Perkins, Tse Ka-po, District Warden A E M Rafeek, and Chief Air Raid Warden G A Pentreath.

A similar photo appears in the HK Telegraph dated 4 January 1941

To fill in the missing participants, the following names are provided:

1. M. L. Bevan (Head Warden)

2. E. Manning 

3. A. E. Gerondal  

4. A. E. M. Rafeek (Chairman)

5. G. A. Pentreath

6. Tse Ka Po

7. H. Sequeria

I believe Solomon Rafeek was not in this photo.  He was my grandfather and I still kinda remembered what he looks like.


Does anyone know anything about the Rafeek family?  My name is Bede Rafeek and I was told that the Rafeek's were from Turkey, but no one can tell me anything more.



Hi Bede,

I'm looking into the Rafeek family (among other "old boy" Muslim families of HK). You can contact me on