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1884 - Maggie Watson Bain

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1884 - Maggie Watson Bain

Subject: A note in ink on the back says "Maggie Watson Bain age 6 months March 1884".
Date: 1884
Photographer: Afong. No address is given, but it shows the negative number was 4833 (or possibly 4855).
Format: carte de visite

Photo courtesy of The Pottinger Hong Kong hotel.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, March 1, 1884


Margaret Watson Bain (August 1883-1971)


There is a death registered in Hillingdon, London in 1971 but with the birth date as August 1885 with no day. This just means whoever registered the death did not know her birthday, which means even the year could be out. I think this is her (the registered surname was Balderston) given her son died in the same place years later.


The 1901 Scottish Census record will list her birthplace


Spouse: John McCewen Balderston (15th October 1873 West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland-19??)


Marriage: Glasgow, Scotland 7th June 1910


Issue: William Bain Balderston (6th December 1914-November 1985 Hillingdon, London)


Father: William Neish Bain (1842 Patrick, Glasgow, Scotland-23rd November 1934 Glasgow, Scotland)

Mother: Margaret Watson


Paternal grandfather: George Bain

Paternal grandmother: Janet Murray



There is a summary of her father's life here at this webiste:  

I have reproduced the text from the website of 'Grace's Guide to British Industrial History'




1934 Obituary [1]

WILLIAM NEISH BAIN was one of the Institution's oldest members, his election dating back to 1880. He was for many years consulting engineer in Glasgow to the Hong Kong Ice Company.

Mr. Bain was born in Partick, Glasgow, in 1842 and served his apprenticeship with Messrs. Mitchell and Wallace, Camlachie Foundry, Glasgow. During the latter part of his apprenticeship he assisted Dr. A. C. Kirk in connexion with the installation of the Addiewell Oil Works, where he afterwards became assistant manager.

He was later employed at the Cranstonhill Engine Works, again under Dr. Kirk, whom he assisted in experiments with dry and moist air refrigerating machines.

In 1873 he went to Hong Kong, where he entered into partnership with Mr. Kyle for the manufacture of ice and ice-making machinery; the firm was first known as Messsrs. Kyle and Bain, later becoming the Hong Kong Ice Company. Between 1873 and 1880 Mr. Bain brought out several improvements in refrigerating machinery.

He returned to Glasgow in 1885, when he took up his position as consulting engineer to the company, and retired in 1913.

His death occurred in Glasgow on 23rd November 1934, in his ninety-third year.


Thank you!

With that information I looked up William Neish Bain in the Carl Smith cards. Smith notes an announcement on page 2 of the Hong Kong Daily Press, 1883-08-29:

BIRTH. At East Point, on the 28th instant, Mrs Wm. N. BAIN, of a daughter.

So that confirms Margaret's DoB as 28th August, 1883.