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Hong Kong 1930s

Hong Kong 1930s

Dear reader,

Do you have any idea where this park and building could be?

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Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


Hi there,

That would be the Zoological & Botanical Garden. The big house at the back was the Governer's. Botjhthe house and the park are still there.


Greetings.  I hope they preserve the two observation towers, a part of the early era if not original features.  A unique memory that can last is the panoramic view they offer.  Regards,  Peter     

Hi There,

They are still there, but may have been refurbished.

If I'm not mistaken, the part under the fountain square was, and still is, a service reservoir for the water services.


Thank you Tom for the response.  In 2014, after 50 years absence, I returned to Hong Kong for a visit.  Like everywhere in HK, new buildings are constantly replacing old ones.  Walking up the steps again was one of those nostalgic moments.  I also visited the Maple Street Playgroound.  The garden was built in the late 1950s so the trees then were young and short, had a simple walkway with grass on both sides, and no structures or buildings.  Weather permitting, seniors brought along their favourite birds to meet and chat.  I wonder if we can still find such garden scene today.  Regards,  Peter  

Many thanks for your comments, I appreciate it!