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Alley off Queen's Road Central maybe

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Alley off Queen's Road Central maybe

Any suggestions?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1952


Hi There,

This could be Graham Street or Peel Street. at Queen's Road Central.  Both has street side stalls\web market of sort along the way.


Thanks Thomas.  Let me know if you have a definite identification and I'll change the title.  Andrew

I think this may be Tung Street or Water Lane from Queens Road Central - If I had to pick I would say Water Lane

Thanks Herostratus.  I've changed the title to Q.R. Central, but await further suggestions/confirmations on the name of the side street.  Andrew

Hi Andrew,

We may be able to identify the exact street if we could confirm the street address of the corner shop 九龍醬園 (A well known soy sause brewery)..  The store still exist at # 9 Grahmam Street today, just a few steps up from the corner of Queen's Road Central.


Yes, it is the market on Graham Street. A similar scene below.

1950s Graham Street
1950s Graham Street, by Moddsey