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Race course 1950s.

Race course 1950s.
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


Greetings, and thank you Andrew for my "re-walk" here.

In early 1964, I informed my principal that I would soon be leaving school.  He read to me from a geography book about Canada, and was happy to know of my upcoming travel.  The next day, I skipped class and took a ferry to Honk Kong island.  Except for the peak tram ride which I took, I walked all day to see the north shore one more time.

At the entrance to the racecourse, I asked the lone worker if I could visit the place and to my surprise he said yes.  The place was quiet, and the scene was similar as in this photo.  I walked full circle on the actual track and no other workers stopped me.  I guess once inside, they thought I was one of the office staff.  Regards,  Peter

Hi Peter,

There's nothing like a bit of nostalgia!  Sometimes you have to be abit cheeky. In 1981 I returned to Hong Kong for the first time, to show my wife what my nostalgia was all about.  Ron Murray, a friend and colleage had been interned as a 7 year old in Stanley in December 1941.  He'd told me that he had spent the war with his father and two brothers living in the garage of bungalow B, the middle one of the three on the ridge to the north of the cemetery. He asked me to try to take a photograph of it.  So, when I saw the notice forbidding entry at the school gate, I decided that if I waved a bit of typewritten paper that looked rather like a letter the guard would let me through.  Sure enough it worked and I was able to go and take the photograph.  My friend was delighted and said that it hadn't changed a bit!  Now, of course, things have changed and with the school enthusiastically maintaining the small museum in either that or the next door bungalow, I think that there would be no difficulty in seeking official permission.  I've always felt a bit guilty at my subterfuge but, it gave Ron some pleasue seeing his old 'home' again.  Best wishes, Andrew