Collage2. | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong



In the 1950s, our air mail back to the U.K. was sent by B.F.P.O.1 (British Forces Post Office No.1), but for the same price, 3 pence (3d) as internal mail in the U.K...  In 1957-8 we made the necessary purchases using our HK currency, and any minor currency differences were made up using one or usually several of the tiny 1 cent notes  These were of such a small value that they were not even wanted by the beggars.  Many were thrown away or kept by some of us as souvenirs.  I have often wondered why Hong Kong was designated B.F.P.O.1.  Was it because it was the first one or perhaps that it was the furthest away from the U.K.and was therefore given priority treatment right through the British postal system.  Certainly, our mail from the U.K. sometimes arrived within two days of being posted, which was pretty quick - even faster than airmail is today!  (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, December 19, 1958