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From an old photograph album of my mother's (Kathleen Hamilton, nee Heron) this picture is labelled "Chater Bungalow".

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1915


Hi Clive

Chater Bungalow was in Kowloon, near todays Kowloon Cricket Club. There is a place on Gwulo for it here. Do you have any idea when this photo was taken?


I think that the date of the photograph must be about 1915 given that there's another picture, of my mother and aunt, seemingly in the grounds of the house, knitting socks for soldiers in the First World War.

(not sure how I move this to the proper place for Chater Bungalow.)

No need to move the picture as I have tagged it with Chater Bungalow so it shows up on the site. Could you please edit the picture and add the date? thanks. 

Thanks for posting this - it's the first time I've seen what the Bungalow looked like. It's a bit grander than any bungalow I've ever seen!

Hi, just want to say great picture. It is definitely Chater's Bungalow. The photographer is standing on what was the tennis court.