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LSW Dog Section b.

LSW Dog Section b.

The dogs were kept in a very secure compound at the west end of the bay.  (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1956


Thanks Andrew.  I guess the roof can be lowered in winter to reduce heat loss. - adjustable wooden louvers to control proper ventilation?  Lucky dogs!  Regards,  Peter

Hi Peter,

Yes,  the police dogs were always treated very well and the dog handlers grew quite attached to them, and there was a lot of bonding.  I understand that sometimes when a police dog handler was repatriated, it was very difficult to get 'his' dog to work with a new handler.  Of course we as ordinary airmen always gave the dogs a very wide berth.  I had seen them in demonstrations chasing so called intruders and I didn't want to go near any dog that was possibly as heavy as I was and which had definitely been trained to be shall I say, very firm, with strangers.  I believe that the R.A.F. police in charge of them were always a bit wary of the other dogs on the camp.

Regards,  Andrew