Andrew Chan with 315th Flying Tigers(?) Chindits(?) | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Andrew Chan with 315th Flying Tigers(?) Chindits(?)

Andrew Chan with 315th Flying Tigers(?) Chindits(?)
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1942


I have had this photo for years, but have not been able to put any name to the faces (except for my Uncle's (Clark Gable on left second row with moustache). Neither can Ms Eluzabeth Ride. Can anyone help? So that I can date the photo as well?

Thank you all

I can't identify anyone in the photograph, but the 315th unit flag on the wall behind them could be for one of two units:

The 315th Depot Supply Squadron, based in Kunming as of May 1945 (part of the 301st Air Depot Group of the 14th Air Force)

The 315th Air Service Group, based in Hsingching as of May 1945 (also 14th Air Force)

--Steve Bailey

Thanks Steve, Most likely the Supply depot in Kunming. Uncle Andrew went back to Kunming after mission to Burma. We're you in the service, or are you a scholar/researcher? Any advice for further searches? Thanks again, I am a bit closer to finding an answer. Felix

Scholar/researcher, specializing in the air war over Hong Kong. 

The 315th Depot Supply Squadron apparently arrived in Kunming via the Burma Road in May 1945 (advance elements may have flown in earlier than this, perhaps as early as February) and may have been there until as late as October 1945, when the 301st Air Depot Group (the parent unit) moved to Shanghai until March 1946.  It seems likely that the photo is from 1945 in Kunming, though I suppose it could be 1946 in Shanghai!


Hi Steve, I don't envy you and your research - you have so much to trawl thru, and the myriad of leads that can be as rewarding as they are frustrating.

'Lucky' me - I just keep my nose on the few trails that I can find and often have to wipe the  cowshit off. But then I do come across truly interesting and rewarding stuff, from friends like yourself, Ms Elizabeth Ride, and a few others who are knowledgeable, who put me on scent.

i believe it is in Kweilin because the time fits in with Uncle Andrew's return from Burma, when he married Aunt Josephine (wife of Lui Kar Yin agent #68 MIA)and cousin Mabel (Lui's daughter) and rejoined the BAAG trek to  Kweilin. Uncle Andrew didn't go to Shanghai.

Thank you for your kind info. Hope I can take this quest further some day.