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Wanchai trams.

Wanchai trams.

We used to think that the streets in 1950s Hong Kong were busy!  Can anyone identify this stretch of what looks like Hennessy Road? (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1956


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If it was Hennesy Road it would likely be wider. I tend to believe it was somewhere on the western end, but before Whitty Street as the tram on the left was going there.  I wonder if it was somewhere between Queen's Street and Western Street where the junction of Western is a slight bend, like what's at the back of the photo.


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By viewing the photo above on a bigger monitor in full screen, I recognize we may actually have a fix as if I am right, one of the buildings on the eastbound still exist.

We only have a very narrow stripe of the corner of the building in the photos above, but that looked very much like the one at the corner of Centre and Des Voeux Road West.


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I agree that the street is too narrow for Hennessy Road, and that Des Voeux Road seems more likely.  Which building on the original matches which building on the colour version?  Looking at Trevor's photo of the policeman directing traffic, I wonder whether that too might have been along Des Voeux Road.  Any thoughts? Andrew

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I mean this.  Please pay attension at the corner.



comparison.JPG, by tngan

Hi Thomas.  That certainly looks like a good match. Well spotted. Maybe if somebody could identify the names on the shop houses against known shop locations that would be great.  Well done.  Andrew

Hi Andrew,

I already had a hyperlink in my second message above, which pointed to this:



Beyond the trams is a big, modern building that is much higher than the buildings in the foreground. It has "China Provident" written on it, so is likely one of their godowns.