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Tai Po Kau

Tai Po Kau

One day several of us took the train up to Tai Po Market.  The end of the platform at Sha Tin station, (actually Tai Po Kau) is visible on the extreme left of this photograph.  Please see the later corrections as to the exact location.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1958


This will have been the original Taipo Station in Tai Po Kau. It was later renamed to Tai Po Kau Station (not sure when) because I think the name caused confusion with Tai Po Mkt Station(?). The pier (which is still there) was a major dropping off point for boats coming and going from all around the Tolo Harbour and Tolo Channel areas. The station was decommissioned and subsequently demolished in 1983 following electrification of the line. 

Thank you, Phil for the more accurate identification.  Now, I can see that the Island, with the distinctive Island House is visible at the extreme left of the photograph. Google Earth shows it all very well. Which station name should be used in the title? Best wishes, Andrew

Hi Andrew, well spotted! I hadn't even noticed Island House and only recognised the ridge line in the distance. I think Tai Po Kau is probably a better description as it identifies the specific area of Tai Po that we are looking at. Phil

Thanks Phil.  I much appreciate everyone's help in better locating the places on all these photograhps. I'll change the title.  Best wishes, Andrew