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Causeway Bay b.

Causeway Bay b.

This photograph was probably taken on the same day as the previous one.  Is that part of Leighton Hill in the right foreground? What is now Lee Wo Street leads off towards the top left corner and the Roxy and Hoover cinemas were near the Causeway Bay end of it.  Can anyone identify what the large and impressive buildings are in the left and centre foreground?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, August 1, 1957


Hi Andrew,

Base on the reclamation which would become the Victoria Park, the photographer was more likely on the slopes somewhere along Tai Hang Road  On the other hand, the first few blocks of residential building in Paterson Street could be seen.  That would be the high-rises close to the middle at the back.

The location of the roundabout in previous photo could also be seen as there was no building there.

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Thanks Thomas,

That looks about right.  Shortly, I’ll be uploading several of Bruce’s photographs taken at various sports grounds in this general area - I see on Google Earth that they are still in use in 2018. If this photograph was taken from the slopes along Tai Hang Road, I wonder why he was up there - unless he was on his way to the Tiger Balm Garden?

One very humid day in 1958, I and a few pals visited a very cold refrigerated store beside the waterway on the West side of the reclamed area. I think that it was owned by the Dairy Farm and we enjoyed cooling off there.


HI Andrew,

Yes, there used to be a Dairy Farm depot there, to handle their milk\ice-cream lorreys, freezer storage, as well as ice manufactory.  It occuped the whole block consisting present day Hang Lung House together with Windsor House.  There are photos of the building somewhere in Gwulo.  


The slight curve to the retaining wall in the bottom-right corner makes me think it's the curved wall just below the hairpin bend on Tai Hang Road.

We've got more photos of that wall and the building it belonged to at:

Then the buildings running down the slope to the left in the foreground would be the HK Electric Co's quarters:

These are the Staff accommodation at Causeway Bay Hill. The rd up was from just beside a church and the accommodation consisted of 3 sets of terraced housing with accommodation for servants. The path in front wound down to car parking and garages for the staff cars. I lived in number 4 and then number 5 at the upper set with my family as an infant. See also the photo of number 4 on this site.

Thank you for the positive identification of the buildings.  Andrew

Here's almost the same photo in colour.

4-7-52- Harbour from ferry- Hong Kong
4-7-52- Harbour from ferry- Hong Kong, by foundslides

 When I first posted this photo, I didn't know the exact location, but the photo by Bruce Deadman finally directed me.