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Hong Kong and Shanghai bank.

Hong Kong and Shanghai bank.

On the left, the new Bank of China building is being constructed.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1955


The Bank of China opened in November 1951.

Hi Marlowe,

In that case, it seems likely that the photograph is a commercial one that Peter bought - he only arrived in Hong Kong in1953. I suspect that the date is more likely to be some time in 1950.  Another clue to the date might be the huts on the left that I have only just noticed. Somewhere on Gwulo there is something about them - but I cannot recall where.  Regards, Andrew

The "temporary" buildings in Statue Square were there from around 1941 to 1957, so it doesn't really help :-)
As to the date, the foundation stone for the Bank of China was laid in March 1950, and it opened in November 1951, so that's putting up the steel frame, cladding the outside, and doing the interior fit out, David (the Admin) has dated a similar picture to Summer 1951, (using other clues).

Thanks Alun,

I'll make no further alterations for this image as your and David's comments clarify things neatly. Uploading all these images supplied by members of the 367 Association is fraught with difficulties about ownership, location and dates!  I'm shortly uploading quite a lot taken by an old friend Bruce Deadman.  Years ago he supplied me with notes so they will greatly help.  Regards, Andrew