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Happy Valley.

Happy Valley.

Was this photograph taken from Jardines Lookout?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1957


Hi There,

I am more inclinded to believe the photographer was likely somewhere along the ridge on Jardine's lookout towards the northen end, not the summit.  



Hi Thomas, Yes, I agree, mine was just a rough guess.  I’m still rather puzzled that he was wandering around up there - well away from the areas we tended to frequent in those days.  As there is the other photograph taken, I think from Mt Butler, is it possible that he might have been on Sir Cecil’s Ride or the narrow catchwater.  In the early 2000s I once walked along that small catchwater from Wong Nei Chung Gap round the western and northern flanks of Jardine’s Lookout, and the views were very similar. I cannot remember exactly where I left the catchwater or Ride, but believe that I dropped down into Quarry(?) Gap. Andrew

Hi Andrew,

The section of Sir Cecil's Ride west of Jardine's Lookout is quite close to the street level of the Mount Butler residential area.  From what we saw in the photo, the photo appeared to have been taken much higher up.  We could not rule out there was another foot path on the west slope between Sir Cecil's ride and the ridge though.  I guess that wasn't much trees up there in the 1950's thus easier to scramble around.  We would have to go bush whacking looking for these foot paths.


Hi Thomas,

Yes, there was much less vegetation on most of the hills in the 1950’s.  During my walk in c2005, I followed the catchwater past the lower pill box (no.2?).  The catchwater ended amongst a pile of large rocks but beyond them I regained it, or perhaps found another one, and it was after that that the view was much as on the photograph. I suspect that on that walk I never got onto Sir Cecil’s Ride but that I did walk along part of it from the other end where it joins the road up to Sanatorium Pass.

Regards, Andrew