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Lorry Park

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Lorry Park

I have decided to re-label this photograph from the original, 'Parade Ground'.  The huge, old pre-war parade ground for the camp was much larger, and in 2018 it is in use as a hard surface sports area.  The lorry park area on the photograph, had a purpose built garage/workshop just to the right of the lorries.  It still exists in 2018 and in 2003 it accommodated a play group for small children.  One wonders whether this was the scene of Driver Crocker's accident. Does it bear the '1939' date?  The ramp that served as an inspection pit re-inforces the suggestion that the area had always been a lorry park.  In 1951/2 the R.A.F. were only 'lodgers' in the camp, which had always been an army base providing accommodation for troops manning the Lyemun, Sai Wan and Pak Sha Wan batteries, so most of these vehicles were probably army ones.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1951