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Queens Road - Central-1958.

Queens Road - Central-1958.

Photo dated March 1958,nothing else known.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, March 1, 1958


Hi There,

One of the pillars reads 龍子行 (Dragon Seed), which was sitting at the corner of Li Yuen Street East for ages.  That would be the present day Prosperity Building.


Yes this is Queen's Road  Central opposite today's Melbourne Plaza (former Queen's Theatre). The same scene can be viewed here The tall building further up on the right is the Man Yee Building which was completed in 1957. It is interesting to note that today's Manning House on the left also has steps leading up to Stanley Street. Up the road is the "Hang On" ivory shop which can be seen in many pre WWII photos.

Thank you both for photo I. D.- with Moddsey mentioning the" Queens Theatre" i now recall having a Blazer made to measure in that area and now see in my old photo "Hing Cheong" T--lors and Woolen Merchants, a reason for the photo? the store where the Blazer was made. This jacket is long gone but i still have the R.E.M.E. badge that was sewn on front pocket! Have now updated the photo title and had another memory recall. Many thanks Bryan.

As indicated here , the address of A-Man Hing Cheong Tailors was 54 Queen's Road Central.