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1927 Typhoon Damage - Motorcar Garage

1927 Typhoon Damage - Motorcar Garage

The lighter side of the aftermath.

The typhoon of 20 August 1927 brought down the HK and Kowloon Taxicab Company's Garage on Salisbury Road near the KCR Terminus. About 20 cars and half a dozen motor cycles were in the garage at the time of the disaster.Extensive damage was caused. HK Telegraph 22 August 1927 refers.

In 1928, foundation work for a new motor garage for Alex. Ross & Co. Ltd had begun on the same site.  HK Daily Press 2 July 1928 refers. The one storey building would be completed around 1929.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, August 20, 1927
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I was amazed to see the number plate onthe left side. 183. My uncle own 186. I needed to check this as the photos is very small and I can just make out the 6 at the end. He was not the first owner so it may have been several years laterr.

Alan Sloan