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Paddy field 1957-Fan Ling area.

Paddy field 1957-Fan Ling area.
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, May 4, 1957


This photo says -Paddy field in New Territories - looks like a Water Buffalo in the field ?

The hillside in the background is Lung Shan seen from the north. I think Bryan was probably somewhere near to the Sha Tau Kok Road just north of Queens Hill Camp. Perhaps those long  white huts back centre left were part of the camp? There is a similar (but restricted) angle on the hillside here.

Thankyou Phil for this identification, with this news I now believe the photo uploaded at the same time- unknown area 1957-is part of Fanling as I remember being there once, and that would put the two Border check point ?? photos in the same area as all 4 photos have the same date [4 may 1957] Regarding those 2 " Border crossing "?photos would the local population have been aloud to cross fairly freely in 1957 by bus as indicated by the photos if it is a border check point? ---Bryan.

Hi Bryan - do you mean the photo of the the row of shops? If so, it's possible this is Wo Fung Street behind Luen Wo Market in Fanling. There are still some similar looking buildings along that street. Unfortunately the view to the mountains in the distance are now blocked but the images in your picture do seem to tally. It would have been very close to where this picture was taken (just afew hundred metres) and perhaps you would remember the distinctive art deco market building?

With regards to the border crossing pictures - this is a bit more difficult but it looks like it is perhaps the road up to the police post at Lok Ma Chau? It would've been a fairly straightforward drive to get to from the Fanling area.


I was stationed there from 1960 to 1962 with the Royal Warwicks.