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Luen Wo Market [1951- ]

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Art deco style market building.

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On the internet I found the following paper

Revitalising Historic Buildings - Through Partnership Scheme - Luen Wo Market, Fanling - Resource Kit (from 2016-11-17)

If I understand this paper correctly, it's from the Commissioner for Heritage’s Office, Development Bureau.

The market was confirmed as a Grade 3 Historic Building by the Antiquities Advisory Board (AAB) on 22 January 2010. This paper gives a detailed survey of all existing features of the market with many current photos. 

"The purpose of the Resource Kit is to provide applicants with information to prepare proposals for the historic buildings under the Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme (the Revitalisation Scheme). "

Thanks Klaus an Phil.  A 2017 Google street view shows a sign "聯和戲院"  (Luen Wo Theatre) on the front of the market building.  I believe the theatre, originally named Fanling Theatre, was located about two blocks to the southwest, and later moved into the market building and recycled its original name.  This is preliminary based on available information at this time.  Regards, Peter  
Luen Wo Theatre -