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1930s Cheung Chau House

1930s Cheung Chau House

A watercolour of a Cheung Chau scene recently sold at an auction. Details shown here

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, July 5, 1933


The auction notes:

Aquarellierte Tuschezeichnung auf Papier aus dem Besitz des Malers Gustav Schleicher. Womöglich handelt es sich beim Urheber ebenfalls um eine/n Maler/in des Hölzels-Kreises! Bezeichnet links "Hier wohne ich. hübsch??", rechts "Cheung Chau. 5. Juli 1933 Südchina". 17 x 22 cm. In der Mitte gefaltet. 

And Google's translation:

Watercolor ink drawing on paper owned by the painter Gustav Schleicher. Perhaps the author is also a painter of the Hölzels circle! Inscribed on the left "Here I live, pretty ??", on the right "Cheung Chau, 5th July 1933 South China". 17 x 22 cm. Folded in the middle.

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By speculation on the background and the sunlight, the house is likely one of those on the seacape penisula of the Fa Ping area near Nam Tam Wan.



On the east-end of the Seascape Penisula, as the huge & tall boulders on the right are quite the same as appeared in the following picture at