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walter brown.jpg

walter brown.jpg

Proffessor Walter Brown, Catriona Hoods great Uncle



Is this the same Professor Walter Brown who was interned at Stanley Camp in WW2?

Hello David

Yes this is 100% the same Walter Brown, we  have a Spoon of his with "The Hong Kong Club" logo on it. Catrionas mothers family were close to Walter, he would stay with them when at home while visiting Scotland. I do have a family tree on the website Ancestry where you would see Walter Brown, I tried pasting it here but without success. Catrionas mother who died 3 years ago knew Walter well, he was a well travelled person visting all parts of the world, he died 14/04/1957 at Marandellas, Rhodesia where he is also buried, we do have a photograph of his grave which I will look out if you are interested. We are aware that there is a Mathematics award in his name used at Hong Kong University.

Neil cairney

Thanks Neil, it's good to have a photo of him. I've connected it to his page at

Feel free to add a comment to that page with the link to his entry on Ancestry. If you can add any more information about his time in Hong Kong, that will be good to see too.