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Pooi Sun English College - Sham Shui Po (1965)

Pooi Sun English College - Sham Shui Po (1965)

Pooi Sun English College, Sham Shui Po (1965)

This school was several blocks from my former residence.  But I forgot its exact spot except that it was on my way to the Sham Shui Po ferry pier.

While the Nam Cheong Street nulluh is not visible in the photo, I think it is just behind the trucks and bamboos.  That would put the school on the south side of Hoi Tan Street between Nam Cheong and Boundary street.  Thanks in advance for your confirmation.  Regards,   Peter

Photo source: unknown




Hi Peter - not a bad guess

this building still exists, see this link: https://earth.app.goo.gl/?apn=com.google.earth&ibi=com.google.b612&isi=2...



Edit: created a place in case you are not using Google Chrome

Thank you Phil for identifying its location and the new place-page.

Prior to my posting the 1965 photo, I looked at it on Google street view and should have given it more thought.  What threw me off was the appearance of the tall building behind it - its looks different from that in the old photo.   Now I realize the old photo shows the other side of the same building.

Great feeling to rewalk this street albeit on screen and know how the building has changed.

Regards,   Peter