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1930s Methodist Sailors and Soldiers Home

1930s Methodist Sailors and Soldiers Home

Interesting view. The buildings on the right would have been on the praya as seen here Guessing the Blue Building.

The entrance (to the new Home) is just beyond Arsenal Street, not far from the old Home, which is to come down to make room for road improvements. Because of the new road level, the new Home stands back from the present Praya kerb. The whole of the plumbing work and installation of fire equipment was carried out Messrs C. E. Warren & Co. Ltd. China Mail 30 January 1929 refers.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


...if the Blue Building was demolished in 1926-1927. Agree the building on right does look similar to Blue Building, though in a decrepit state by the look of things.

I've updated the demolition date on the Blue Buildings page to be c.1930, please see https://gwulo.com/comment/44580#comment-44580