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The Towers HK.jpg

The Towers HK.jpg

The Towers is annotated on the back of the photo because to the right on the crest is another annotation - "our bungalow". I'm assuming it was also my family's home but can't be sure.

I wonder what The Towers were. It was an impressive building.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, April 1, 1923


Great photo - lots on the Towers here

I guess that must be Ventris Road in front

Peter, I can't see the annotation "our bungalow". The Bungalow was no. 19 Broadwood Road, which my uncle took over in 1924. No. 21, your parents' home seems to have a couple of floors. I've never seen such a good photo of it as the one you posted.  There's a bit more on The Towers at and an interesting memory of it as "Warren's Castle" posted by jabberjabber. One of my Warren cousins said it was used as a Catholic seminary for some time. I've been unable to discover the "knock-down" date. If anyone knows which department to consult about that, I'd be grateful. The Towers seems to have been standing until the early 1960s, although in a dilapidated state after the war.



The annotation is on the reverse of the photo, that's why it's not visible.

Interesting comments on the house though. 


At the risk of boring everyone, I'm inspired by eurasian_david's discovery of the knock-down date of 1-4 Fairview Road, to ask again if anyone is able to conjure the knock-down date of The Towers, 20, Broadwood Road out of the old newspapers. I've just had another try according to David's excellent tutorial, but I just don't have the magic touch. Nona Pio-Ulski kindly sent me a 1952 photo with The Towers in the background. She and her family moved to 22 Broadwoood Road in 1962, I think, by which time The Towers had been knocked down and no. 20 was a block of flats. We have firsthand information of the local children using The Towers for playing at war during the 1950s. As it was quite a landmark building, I'd be surprised if there had been absolutely no mention of it being knocked down. It would be so nice to tie this up!