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Y C Liang, L T Ride, and others

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Y C Liang, L T Ride, and others

Photo orginally sent by Sir Roger Lobo to Arthur Gomes in 2002, with note:

Photo taken by the poolside of my father's home - Villa Verde, Macau.

Standing, L-R:

  • Pedro Hyndman Lobo
  • Y.C. Liang - who was also the BAAG man in Macau. After the war, he was engaged in transport (Hydrofoil) HK/Macau, was director of Peninsula, ...
  • Chong Chi Kong - was with Melco (Macau Electric), later with banks and trading - man with many activities.
  • Ho Yin - liaison bewteen Macau and PRC, Tai Fong Bank, etc


  • Ride
  • PJ Lobo


To emride - YC Liang is my great-Uncle. I have been trying to get hold of more wartime stories from books. Thank you for posting these photos

LIANG, Y.C.   Citation:  

Nationality Chinese, born Shanghai 1918, Trader, BAAG Dec. 42 - Dec 45.

“In 1942, the BAAG contacted this man in Macao, and in view of his business connections he was put in charge of an escape and intelligence group there.  Early in 1943, he made the dangerous trip out of Macao through enemy territory to Kweilin and set up safe escape routes. At Kweilin he was fully briefed and returned to set up his organisation. Throughout all his service, he was operating under the very noses of the Japanese, and in spite of that he was able to maintain weekly contacts with our post without loss.  Through his channels, over 50 European and 4 American evaders were smuggled out of Macao to safety and important messages passed into Hongkong.  In all this work, he not only showed organising ability of a high order but he displayed outstanding bravery and extreme devotion to our cause.”

Signed Colonel LT Ride

Thank you ever so much, emride!

There's some more information about YC Liang on his page at https://gwulo.com/node/9359