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Dear Colleagues,

Can somebody please help me in letting me know who did occupied the biuldings on the left side and right side of Pedder Street during that time the picture was taken. The clock tower is good visible. Was the building just to right of the clock tower, on the corner of Pedder street and Queens road a hotel ? (the building with the small tower like, lookout). Was the building further down, to the right, of the hotel ? the building which Dent and Co. occupied ? How about the buildings to the left on Pedder street.?

Any answers are very much appreciated, Thank you very much.




Hi Daniel,

You can use the map to help with that, clicking on markers to see the buildings present at the time you're interested in: https://gwulo.com/map-of-places#18/22.28126/114.15688/Map_by_ESRI-Marker...

Regards, David