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L.R. Nielson House in Repulse Bay

L.R. Nielson House in Repulse Bay

The photo was taken some time in the 1930's at Repulse Bay by L R Nielson showing his residence, the white house in the centre of the photo. Does any one know the history of the house?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


Any chance you know the Lot it was built on? There could be a mention of its construction in the PWD annual reports.

The building at 4 o'clock from the house is The Lido. The Lido was completed in 1935, so the photo was taken in 1935 or later.

I have seen far away shots of the Lido and the house previously. The building to the left of the main house was built separately and some time later.

An aside - the story of L. R. Nielson is interesting. Captured in Manila during the Japanese invasion. Sent to Hong Kong and was interned at Stanley. He was associated with mining operations in Hong Kong particularly the Lin Ma Hang Mine. Seems to have surfaced in Hong Kong in the 1950s but thereafter there is scant information.

I have a lot more details on the L R Nielson, soon to be documented in an article on Lin Ma Hang Mine. I am also in contact with his son who kindly provide this and other photos of his father.  

The house under construction can be seen in Davids photo below which he has dated to between 1919 and 1935. If the construction date is known then the date that David's photo was taken can be narrowed down. 

1920s Repulse Bay
1920s Repulse Bay, by David

The house sat on a platform supported by a huge wall. The wall, or a later version, still exists today. The latest building to occupy the site has just been completed and, if I remember correctly, replaced a terrace or row of townhouse type buildings which themselves were quite modern. The main access to both the latest version, and its immediate predecessor, is from Repulse Bay Road, directly opposite No. 129, The Lily.

The house was still there in the 1970s.

Looking at Google maps, the town houses were demolished between March and November 2012.

Drove past last week and noticed that the address of the development that now occupies the site is 90 Repulse  Bay Road.