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1 Grave Sugar Loaf.JPG

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1 Grave Sugar Loaf.JPG

Grave site found in a very remote area of Sugar Loaf Hill, overlooking Stanley

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, February 24, 2018


Dear Gwulo members,

I came across this grave site in a remote area of Sugar Loaf Hill, overlooking Stanley.  I'd be really interested to get an idea of its age.  Can anyone assist me to translate the characters on the marker stone?  Thanks in advance for your assistance.



Grave left.JPG
Grave left.JPG, by bob
Grave middle_right.JPG
Grave middle_right.JPG, by bob


Grave middle top.JPG

Grave middle top.JPG, by bob


Grave middle bottom & right.JPG

Grave middle bottom & right.JPG, by bob


Grave right.JPG

Grave right.JPG, by bob

Grave right bottom.JPG
Grave right bottom.JPG, by bob


Hi bob

This is the grave of Mr LING Chun Tat that was built in the summer of 1919.

Excellent, thank you.  Any other information? It's a lovely, well crafted grave but it doesn't look like it has been visited in a long time.  It's odd because I have aerial photos from 1947 and I can't see it on there.

I will try to translate the inscriptions.

Middle line:

顯考諱振達凌公大人之墓  Deceased father named Chun Tat, Mr. Ling, respected gentleman's tomb

Each line (except middle line) from right to left:

民國己未年季夏吉旦 Auspicious day in the sixth moon of Ji Wei year of the Republic (i.e. 1919)

吉地乾山巽向坐天地囗卦二爻分囗囗 Auspicious plot of land in southeast facing northwest.......(these are geomancy, i.e. fung shui, comments, and some words are not readable from the photos)

竪碑以誌永垂不朽云爾       地師...... Erected stone for commemoration in eternity.      Geomancer ...(not readable)

祀男祱森、平 孫荗仁、喜、送(?)、生 等立   Erected by sons Yuet Sum, Yuet Ping; and grandsons Mau Yan, Mau Hei, Mau Sung (?), Mau Sang et. al

Thank you - I appreciate your time.  


Hi bob, You are welcome. Quite a few words do not show up too well on the photos. Any improvement of my translation would be most welcome.

Hi There,

A friend who had been studying Fung Shui once mentioned to me that the inturred or refurbushment date of the graves, especially those bourdered the ROC early years, should be read with doubt as some of those were actually completed much later.

On the other hand, the GeoInfo Map should have marked many known graves during past surveys.  Maybe this one was also marked?  Worth checking it out sometimes.


“Auspicious plot of land in southeast facing northwest” should read as “Auspicious plot of land in northwest facing southeast”