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China Light and Power Co. - Building Next To It

China Light and Power Co. - Building Next To It

The style of the double decker bus indicates this photo was taken in early 1950s.  In looking at recent street photo views, I noted the several low level buildings just beyond the clock building were later merged together to make one continuous structure.  There was no gap between them and the clock building but I cannot tell if there was a path connecting the two.

These low level buildings are gone, the ground was bare in late 2016 and a new high rise is likely there by now.  What is interesting is that they chopped off a good part of the clock building for the re-development, and you can see the cut in street view photos at likely the original exterior wall.  It would be interesting to know if the company expanded its office area, or the new neighbour built butting against its wall.

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Have a look at

Scroll down to Issue No3 of 2013 which covers the building's history via a dowloadable PDF

Thanks IDJ.  The dates in the article fill nicely the voids.  There are other interesting articles too, including Maryknoll which my mother attended.  Although the company has moved out, it appears the current ower is saving the clock building according to photos taken one year ago.  Regards,  Peter