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China Light and Power - CLP [1940- ]

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This was completed 1940. China Light & Power itself was incorporated in 1901.

Last day for objections: TOMORROW 11 October at 11-45pm. 
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The issues to base an objection on are:
1. The CLP currently have an approved building plan, whereby the whole site can be demolished.
2. The compromise agreement with the Development Bureau whereby the clocktower and its building will be preserved and a height increase is allowed on the proposed residential blocks is, frankly, a poor compromise.
3. CLP has requested the government to do a land swap, so the entire site is preserved and CLP can move its operations to a bigger building site. The government has rejected a land swap - and has hammered out this compromise with CLP.
4. However, with this compromise agreement, CLP will still need to pay a land premium and the agreement with government may still fail as the amount of land premium that CLP needs to pays has not, as yet, been set by the Lands Department.
5. The fact is that the CLP Headquarters is a graded building and an important modernist building for Hong Kong. It should be preserved in its entirety.
6. The compromise agreement between CLP and the government is bad planning and bad heritage conservation.
7. It should be acknowledged that the Kadoorie Foundation does excellent work with such projects as Kadoorie Farm in the New Territories.
8. The only voice that the public can express about the current planning application in front of the Town Planning Board and whose deadline for comments is tomorrow (11 October) is to object to this compromise agreement and call on the government to agree to a land swap with CLP to ensure that the graded CLP Headquarters is preserved.
Hope that helps - please circulate.