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One printer's sheet for the new Gwulo Book

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One printer's sheet for the new Gwulo Book

This was given to me on Saturday, part of a set of sheets that show the printing is all finished. Just the binding still to do, and the delivery to me in Hong Kong. Nearly there!

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, November 19, 2017


Hi David,

This made me think of the time when I was doing old style type setting.  Calculating how to organize the pages on such a sheet could be troublesom if you consider the orientation of the pages and how the pages are folded and cut.  It actually comes down to how many times the piece of paper is to be folded.

Back in those days for smaller printers, they would print one side, wait for the ink to dry, then flip the stack and print on the other side.  For bigger printers, they print both sides at the same time.  Ether way there would be a painstaking time to get the alignment and the colours right.  Tha would usually use up quite a few rims of paper.

A note, they won't cut the edges off in order to seperate the pages until the books are bound.

Thanks & Best Regards,


Hi T,

Yes, the printed sheet looks quite scary the first time you see it, as though everything will come out upside down.

It would be interesting to watch the machines that do the fold, bind & trim. But as the printing all happens in the mainland, the next thing I'll see will be the finished books.

Regards, David