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Dutch East-Indies Commercial Bank Staff

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Dutch East-Indies Commercial Bank Staff

The staff of the Hong Kong agency of the Dutch East-Indies Commercial Bank (aka as Dutch India Commercial Bank, the 'Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank'). My grandfather Pieter Marks (1893-1981; he's somewhat in the middle of the front row) was employed there twice, the last time ca. 1923-1928. He also worked for the bank's agency in Shanghai. This picture was taken around 1924 or 1925 at an unknown location (to me) somewhere in Hong Kong. The photographer according to the photo's wrapping was Ming Yuen Studio, No. 14 top floor Beaconsfield Arcade (opposite Hongkong & Shanghai Bank), Telephone No. 4310.


The buildings on the right are of Government House. Guess taken from the rooftop of the Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank

That seems to be the 1926 landslide on Magazine Gap, in the background.