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This appears to be professional photo  , likely taken in 1920s possibly in Hong Kong. It is signed but illegible.I show also an enlargement of the signature in hopes someone may recognize it.Perhaps the numbers of on the junk bow can point to a location and date.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1920


Hi There,

Some observations:

  1. Could not see any hills in the background thus may not be Hong Kong at all;
  2. Those low buildings at the back has pillars and arches, likely to have some colonial influence;
  3. Uncertain about the boat registration, but those being used locally seem to be smaller.  There seemed to be a Chinese Character but uncertain what it was.  Better ask some marine experts;  


Interesting photo. Agree that is not taken in Hong Kong. If one zooms in, there is a standalone tower or clocktower. Perhaps another Chinese port or Penang (Georgetown).

Perhaps it's Macau, looks like a lorcha rather than a junk?