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Is this person, James Hill, Sergeant, Hong Kong Police, A93? I have compared this photograph with other photos I have of James, taking into account weight loss during internment. The jaw, nose, mouth eyes, and ears appear to match, but I don't have a high resolution copy of the larger image this was taken from. The low resolution image I have is somewhat ambiguous, which renders objective identification more uncertain than I would like. Perhaps rank prevailed and inspectors were positioned close to the flag, with other ranks further back in the crowd? If that is the case, then this person could be an inspector, which would rule out James being identified here. But I am unsure at  present and would appreciate any other information that would clarify this.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, August 30, 1945


A visit to Hong Kong Central library enabled me to find the answer to my question. I found a high resolution copy of the photo showing the flag raising ceremony. I can now clearly make out the face of the person circled in the above photograph and can say, with certainty, that this person is not James Hill.

Having solved my personal question, I am reminded that the identification of the individuals in the flag raising photograph would be a very worthwhile project. My attempt to shed some light on this question was unsuccessful, but perhaps there are others who can offer some information?