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Alhambra Theatre's Neighbours

Alhambra Theatre's Neighbours

Alhambra Theatre is partially visible on the left.  This photo focuses on the five shops next to the theatre on Nathan Road, and theatre-goers walking from the north may remember them.   Another point of interest is the sign of the Blue Taxi Cabs Ltd.  I have long forgotten its bend until I see this photo today.  There was a reason for the bend but I don't remember what it was, and it is not possible to explain by looking at this photo.  Artistic, visibility, material shortage, wrong measurement?   Another 2-points of interest are the centre concrete dividers.  Estimated photo:1950s.

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I think the bend in this section of Nathan Road may have had to do with the joining-up with Coronation Road (northern Nathan Road).There was a hill that stood in the way.

I think oldtimer is talking about the bend in the sign?

Dont know of any bent signs. Looks like a 'b' though. Thought reference was made to the road!

Dear folks, my apology for not being clear in my comments, and bend may not be the most suitable word to describe how the sign looks.  Regards, Peter

HK Sunday Herald 22 December 1946

The luxurious dance hall, Imperial Ballroom, next door to the Alhambra Theatre was opened in December 1946. I guess the ballroom and the Imperial Garden shown in the photo are of the same premises.