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Sunday, February 15, 2004


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Year Work Item
1885 Refurbishment and extension-Murray Pier
1887 Erection of pier-opposite the Harbour Master's Office
1889—1903 Reconstruction of government piers including Nam Pack Hong pier. Western pier. Pottinger Street pier, boat-slips opposite the old and new Harbour Offices. Blake Pier*. Murray Pier, temporary pier at Ice House Street and Wardley Street
1890 Reconstruction-Kowloon Point pier
1890 Reconstruction-Stonecutters Island pier
1896—1897 Erection-Kennedy Town pier in connection with the slaughterhouses and depots
1900—1901 Reconstruction-deep water pier at Tai Po and causeway works
1907—1910 Reinforcement-Green Island gunpowder depot pier Erection-a new pier in Kowloon City

Erection-Castle Peak Bay pier

1919—1923 Reconstruction-ferry piers (including pier opposite Queen Victoria Street. Public Square Street in Yau Ma Tei. Sai Wan Ho. Shau Kei Wan. Kowloon City)
1920 Extension-Tai O pier
1920—1921 Erection-Cheung Chau pier
1921—1924 Reconstruction-Queen's Statute Wharf
1922—1923 Reconstruction-pier and landing place for pigs and cattle at Kennedy Town
1923—1924 Reconstruction-Blackhead's Point pier
1923—1925 Erection-Whitfield Road pier
1923—1935 Construction-vehicular ferry piers (Jordon Road and Queen Victoria Street)
1926—1927 Repair-Blake Pier
1928 Reconstruction- Kowloon Point police pier
1929—1931 Erection-Sham Shui Po ferry pier
1929—1931 Erection-Mong Kok Tsui ferry pier
1930—1931 Erection-Wilmer Street pier
1933 Raising level of causeway to Kowloon City pier
1934 Extension and improvements-Hung Horn ferry pier
1934—1935 Construction of refuse boat pier at Kweilin Street. Sham Shui Po
1934—1936 Erection-refuse boat pier. Ma Tau Kok livestock pier
1934—1936 Erection-seawall and Kennedy Town livestock pier
1935 Installation works-Hung Hom ferry pier
1936 Repair-Jubilee Street vehicular ferry pier
1936 Repair-Jordon Road vehicular ferry pier
1936—1937 Reconstruction-Kowloon City pier
1937 Erection-covered entrance of Jubilee Street pier
1937 Improvements-Blake Pier
1939 Repair-vehicular ferry piers at Jubilee Street and Jordon Road