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Northpoint1961Ellenand friend.jpg

Northpoint1961Ellenand friend.jpg

I think this is the bottom of Tai Hang Road looking up towards Tiger Balm Garden. I pin this on the stone entranceway on the left.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, June 1, 1961


The building above their heads, 4-4C, Tai Hang Road, is still there today.

Small world.The houses on the left  are 3,5,7,9 Tai hang Rd. I used to live at No. 5.On the left are residence that are own by HK Govt. civil servant.

Keep on going up Tai Hang Rd and taking the right turn will be Tiger Balm Garden.

thank you, I did not recognize 4-4C, even as i have driven by it lately. I am hoping to have the ladiy's daughter pose in the same spot with her cousin.

I think friends of my parents lived at 3,5,7,9 as I recall that entrance and going in and out. For a moment i thought that was our Ford car. The lady thought it was taken in North Point.

Hi, if you plan to take a picture of the lady's daughter and her cousin, you might want to hurry a bit. I live nearby and as far as I'm concerned, it's about to be demolished, however, the local community is protesting it as if another high rise is built the enviorment around it will be affected or something, quite confusing. It's abandoned now, but I think demolition will resume.


Hello Brandon, thank you. The daughter visited and was able to have photos taken in that same spot.