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Liberty Theatre / 快樂戲院 (1954 stage widening)

Liberty Theatre / 快樂戲院 (1954 stage widening)

Liberty Theatre - photo taken during widening of the stage in 1954.  Was this the original screen, or a temporary screen during the renovation?

Source: - post #3360 by user 4rex -

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1954


For some reason, it tickles me greatly that bamboo scaffolding was also used *indoors*. Can't say as I remember having seen that in my time in HK!

Incidentally, the R.J. Lucas referred to in the caption on the image can be seen in both of the image below, apparently shot in Hong Kong:

And the document below notes that he was Chief Technician at MGM Australia, and was in Hong Kong in 1954 for the demonstration of the Perspecta Stereophonic Sound system. (Wikipedia notes that the system, then brand-new and created by Fine Sound Inc., had already fallen out of favor with cinemas just four years later, so it wasn't long-lived, apparently.)

The original of this image is in the collection of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, New South Wales, and can be seen in slightly higher quality here:

And here are two alternate views of the same scene:

Finally, this last shot is likely either in the Liberty Theatre in Hong Kong, or the Cathay Building in Singapore: