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Hong Kong 1915 香港影畫戲院 Ad

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Hong Kong 1915 香港影畫戲院 Ad

source: Uwants.com

Pease see comments below regarding the theatre reference of this newspaper ad.


The photo source of this ad gave its date as 1915.  Is this correct when the theatre opened in 1916?

But first, my crude translation - Our group is opposite the Central Market, every evening performing twice the first starting 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm, second performance from 9 till 11 pm.  (The next big four words seem to annouce their grand opening night, or some features starting that night).  Seating is 50 cents first class, and 25 cents (fuzzy print) second class.  Children (fuzzy) half price.

The last (far left) vertical line apparently gave its exact date:  (Guāngxù)  光緒 33rd year, October 29 (might have been based on the lunar carlendar).   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rulers_of_China  lists 光緒 one of the Qing Dynasty rulers who reigned during the period 1875-1908 - amazing considering he was born in 1871.

Cinema Treasures has a very brief page on another theatre, called Hong Kong Cinematograph located in Central District, and lists its opening date roughly 1908.  So, 1875+33 = 1908.  So, this ad most likely referred to the Hong Kong Cinematograph.

Regards, Peter 


Given the description "opposite the Central Market", I don't think this is an advert for the Hong Kong Theatre on Queen's Road.

I guess this was either the name of another theatre that used the Empire Cinematograph / Wo Ping Theatre building, or another theatre built on that piece of ground.

Greetings, and thanks David for the feedback.  I should have given this ad a closer look.  What caught my original attention was that its heading started with "Hong Kong" so it was mistaken as the theatre named "Hong Kong ....".  Also the heading did not have the standard full word for a theatre.  Your guess is a strong educated one.

On the first vertical line, it reads "our class, or our group", I wonder why it did not mention the theatre's name.   It could be a road show without permanent set up a theatre building did.

Regards,  Peter