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Hong Kong University Cricket Team against combined 11 of former students

Hong Kong University Cricket Team against combined 11 of former students
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1957


There are a few parties I can recognize:---

Last row: 3c - George Hong Choy, 3d - Buji Dhaber, 3j - Hebti Hoosenally

Front row: 1d - J.C.Goh

I think I am pretty certain but not 100%


Thanks Sandy. I've also heard from Henry Ching, who has identified several of the other people in the photo:

The photo is of the assembled teams that played in the annual Past v. Present cricket match at the HK University in 1957.  This match was traditionally played on New Year’s Day, and lunch was always provided at the Vice-Chancellor’s Lodge by Sir Lindsay Ride.  I participated in that match every year from 1952 to, I think, 1962 either on the Present team or the Past team, except for 1956 to 1958 when I was in England. So I am not in this photo.   But I recognise most of those in the photo, and you may wish to have their names:

Standing, back row:   ?;  3b - Johnny Fenton; 3c - George Hong Choy; 3d - Buji Dhabher; 3e - Bob Leary; 3f - Kenny Lo; 3g - Tommy Lo; 3h - Arthur Yau; 3i - Henry Hall; ?; ?;
Sitting, middle row: 2a - Eric Ho; 2b - S.V.Gittins(?); ?; 2d - L.T.Ride; 2e - Jothy; 2f - J.L.Young-saye; 2g - Gerald Kent;
Front row: ?; ?; 1c - S.M.Teh; 1d - J.C.Koh; ?; ?; ?.

I may be wrong but 3j looks a bit like Jalu Shroff, another great KGV batsman, just like Buji Dhaber. I played with them both in the KGV team but never quite up to their standard!

Is it possible that Buddy Carnell was somewhere in the picture? I can't pick him out - can anyone?

Thanks for your interesting reading and comments regarding the cricket Teams. Any images or comments regarding KGV First X1 1959-1960 when I was Team Captain. Brgds Geoff Walker

3d looks like Jalu Shroff to me.. I played for KGV (wicket keeper) while Jalu was captain and Buji was also on our team  BUT  3d looks like Jalu..  

John Bechtel  

(PS I am mentioned in the 100 anniversary booklet re KGV as the only person who hit a ball over the KGV clocktower whilst on the team..  )

Hello John

I'm absolutely sure that 3d is Buji Dhaber as I have another photograph of him looking exactly the same. Jalu Shroff wore glasses but Buji didn't.

I last heard of him residing in Australia but, like me, getting on in years! Incidentally I did witness him trying to hit a ball over the clock tower but he missed by inches. I think I was the bowler!

Best Wishes  -  Frank Waller



I think it's Buji Dhaber,not Jalu.I played with both of them at the KCC.


Hi Frank..  I yield to your second picture.. Both great fellow teammates. Those were wonderful days in HK. I became Head Prefect after which I went to the US to College. KGV days will never be forgotten  John Bechtel '58

I surrender  Buji it is..   John Bechtel

Henry Ching is interested to know "when Jalu Shroff and Buddy Carnell were at the University". Can anyone help please?

Regards, David

To the best of my knowledge neither attended HKU and may have been included in that photo as members of the Combined Schools team. I think I've identified Jalu but not sure about Buddy. 

Buddy Carnell actually joined the Gas Co, after leaving KGV. I lost track of Jalu although I did hear once that he was playing cricket back in India.

Best regards  -  Frank Waller

Hello David

I’ve had further thoughts on this subject and must offer my apologies to all those, especially Henry Ching, who might feel I hijacked the topic in order to remember and praise my former KGV school teammates. This was not my intention.

Based on the title of the subject (which did not mention HKU) I wrongly jumped to the conclusion that this was a match between the Hong Kong Cricket Team and a combined schools team of former students, particularly when I spotted Buji Dhaber.

With hindsight, I should have scrolled back to Henry’s earlier comments to realise it was “former students of HKU”. But it leaves one question – was the opposition the then current HKU team or, indeed, the Hong Kong Cricket team?

I have personal memories of the HKU cricket ground – many years ago whilst playing there in a Hong Kong Cricket Club ‘Wanderers’ team, I returned to the changing room in my whites to find that a thief had reached in through an open window and nicked my trousers! I was persuaded to report the matter to the police who, by chance, had already apprehended the poor chap and required me to visit the station to identify the trousers. I offered to donate them to the thief but nothing doing! They were required as evidence when his case came to court!

I also well remember Sir Lindsay Ride who was President and Conductor of The Hong Singers in which I was a young tenor and committee member. We had one very enjoyable sing-along social evening at his home. On one occasion we performed Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” in the Loke Yew Hall at the University. I still have the programme!


Thanks for the memories  -  Frank Waller

Hi Frank,

No harm done. I've just checked back to the original album and see I'm the culprit. I sent things off on the wrong track when I uploaded this photo for Chris Hall, and typed in the title as:

Hong Kong Cricket Team against combined 11 of former students

I missed the vital word, and the title should be:

Hong Kong University Cricket Team against combined 11 of former students

I've corrected the title at the top of the page - sorry for the confusion!

Regards, David